A birth doula is a professionally trained childbirth  assistant who aides the mother throughout pregnancy, labour, and after birth to provide emotional, physical and informational support to her and her family. During pregnancy I help the mother to address her concerns about pregnancy and childbirth and can also help with writing up a birth plan. It is important for women to feel empowered and know what their options are so that they are able to make informed decisions. The decisions made by an expectant family will always be welcomed without judgement or critisism, as I am simply there to support you in your choices, whatever they may be.  I may also use relaxation massage, breathing techniques, and physical comfort measures to help mom prepare for labour and birth, and enhance the experience.  During labour, I can act as an advocate for the mother in order to achieve any specified requests she may have had regarding her labour. Ultimately a labouring woman should have the the option to birth in any way or location that she feels most comfortable and safe. My goal is always to make sure the mother feels well supported and nurtured throughout the entire experience. 

Bella Baby Birth Services

Choosing a doula that is right for your family, is a very personal decision. To inquire about a commitment free interview to find out if we are a good fit for eachother, reach me at: