• Sophia was my doula for the March 2014 birth of my baby boy and looking back I can't imagine going through this life changing experience without her.  She provided an exceptional level of support to myself as well as my husband before, during and after we welcomed our son into the world.  She was always quick to respond to our multitude of questions and what if's and helped me work through the fears and concerns I had as a first time mom. Sophia was genuine in all of her words and actions and it was obvious that she truly loves what she does. Her constant reassurance and calmness helped me stay positive through my labor and focus my energy where it needed to be. I had not originally intended to have a doula as part of my birth experience but I am so glad that we chose to include Sophia. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a caring and heartfelt doula, and I look forward to sharing the births of any future children I have with her. 
  •  Sophia is AMAZING! I had a very positive birth experience because of her. When I was given Sophia's name and contact information, she responded to me quickly and never pressured me for an initial consult when I was undecided on whether or not I wanted a doula. She was extremely patient and professional. I am so happy that my husband and I decided to meet with her as Sophia was able to answer all my questions, concerns, and fears I had regarding child birth and beyond. During the last weeks of my pregnancy, Sophia managed to keep me calm and relaxed while I waited for my baby girl to finally arrive one week late. When I contacted her during my labour, Sophia attended promptly which is very important. We stayed at home until I was 9 cm dialated which was the ideal situation for me and my husband. She kept in contact with my midwife and supported my husband throughout the whole duration. She went above and beyond her duties to provide postpartum support as well. I highly recommend you meet with Sophia to see if she is the right match for you and your birthing partner!

  • ​Choosing Sophia as our doula was absolutely one of the best decisions I made for my first pregnancy. Truthfully, as a family doctor myself, I had never considered having a doula for my pregnancy until attending prenatal classes and seeing the evidence for having a doula equating to a good delivery. Sophia was the first doula we interviewed and after our initial encounter I was sure she was the doula for me. I never felt pressure from her to hire her. Rather she encouraged me to interview other doulas. Her compassion and patient centeredness is obvious from her past experience. She truly is there for your needs and never passed judgement on any of my labour needs. My husband and I really enjoyed our prenatal session with Sophia, going through and practicing pain management techniques with her arsenal of experience. During labour, Sophia was able to help us stay at home a lot longer then I expected and was supportive of all of our decisions. The magic of Sophia was in the little things: texting to check in in the weeks leading up to labour, physically coming to see how I was in very early labor, candles for labouring in the tub, pressure points and massage on my back during contractions, hydration through out the process, encouragement when I felt "done" with labor, trusted support for my husband and pictures of moments labouring with my husband. Truly her presence was priceless. I have already been telling all of my friends that they all need Sophia for their pregnancies!!!! Thank you Sophia for making our delivery experience a blessed one.
  • Having Sophia as my doula for the birth of my baby boy was an amazing gift. My birth was a very long and painful experience and Sophia was there the entire time. She helped me through the whole process and helped my husband through most of the stressful time. Sophia was professional, reliable, honest, supportive and encouraging. I cannot imagine that I could have given birth to my baby as smoothly as I did without Sophia being there for all of us. My husband at first questioned why we needed to hire a doula because money is tight for the both of us. However, I know that we needed a doula. After the whole experience, while we were still at the hospital, we agreed that we needed Sophia’s help and support. The whole experience would not have been the same without Sophia being there. Sophia followed up with us prior to the birth and after the birth. She was there to make sure that all my questions were answered and to ensure that I ask my questions if I was unsure of anything. I would definitely recommend Sophia to any one of my friends and family. What an amazing person! 
  •  Having Sophia as our Doula was one of the best decisions we made. She was calm, supportive, knowledgable and seemed to know what we needed before we verbalized it. Some people seem to instintively know how to be caregivers and sophia is one of them. 

         My birth did not go as planned and I ended up having an emergency c-section. While I was in the operating room (my husband was not            able to join me due to complications) Sophia stayed with him and supported him through that time. She even waited for me to come                  back from the recovery room (several hours) to make sure I was okay. Giving birth is such an intimate journey. Sophia fit seamlessly                into our experience. And We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!