The placenta is referred to as the 'tree of life' and is unique to only you, as no placenta is the same. The placenta prints are made with the natural placenta blood before washing and preparing the placenta. These beautiful keepsakes can be provided for a small additional fee. 


Placenta Prints

Some of the Benefits

Your placenta is perfectly made for you, by you! It is an amazing organ created to nourish baby in the womb and then the mother postpartum.

This Method of preparation is inspired by the Traditional Chinese Method, which consists of cleaning, slicing and gently heating the placenta with or without herbs and spices (personal preference) before dehydration and encapsulation. The gentle heating of the placenta has been thought to invoke it's healing properties to help with restoring the uterus.  (This method can be experienced as more of a gradual release of hormones and energy)

Traditional Chinese Medicine Inspired Method

The process of encapsulating your placenta for postpartum health consists of the following: I would pick up your placenta after birth and take it to my home for preparation where I would follow the proper sanitation regulations and precautions. The placenta would then be cleaned, sliced , dehydrated, ground into powder, and finally encapsulated. Ideally the capsules would be returned to you within 72 hours so you are able to receive the benefits as soon as possible.

Raw Method

With the raw method the placenta is still cleaned, sliced, dehydrated and encapsulated, just without the heating process. Some believe that some of the essential nutrients are destroyed when the placenta is steamed. This method can provide an immediate more potent burst of energy and stabilization of hormones.  (Not recommended for mothers who have a history of anxiety or insomnia)

How It's Done

-Balances out hormone levels

-Replenishes iron lost from birth and lessens chances of post birth anemia

-Increases energy levels (replenishes B vitamins and protein for energy)

-Provides a consistent flow of oxytocin even after post-birth euphoria has worn off

-Can help reduce chances of postpartum depression

-Can assist in lactation and healthy milk supply

-Can shorten postpartum bleeding (lochia phase)

​-Helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy size


-Traditional Chinese Medicine Method & Raw Foods Method:$250 This includes pick up from your place of birth and drop off to you within 72 hours. 

-If bundled with my Doula Services:$150

-Tinctures: $30 for one 50ml dropper bottle or $50 for two bottles

-Placenta Prints:$25


A placenta tincture is a wonderful way to preserve a small portion for long term benefits. This is the only method that is sure to last a lifetime. A small thumbnail sized amount of the placenta is fermented in a dropper bottle for at least 6 weeks in 100 proof alcohol and can then be used to balance hormones during menopause years later. Another option, is to you use it for the biological daughter of the placenta down the road to help her adjust to her ever changing hormones when she begins puberty. Lastly it can also be used as an aide when your baby is teething or going through transitional periods (after 6 months)