Bella Baby Birth Services

​My Beliefs

Labour and delivery can be a very empowering and sometimes intimidating experience. I believe that having a doula present to provide unconditional, non-judgmental, constant support can have abounding benefits, not only on the outlook but also on the outcome.  I believe that if women can be helped to embrace birth rather than fear it, that they will then be able to be fully present for this profound event in their lives. I believe that birthing women should be able to be surrounded by a team of support people who help to create a postitive, calming, encouraging environment in which they are able to trust in the birthing process. Women should be able to birth anyway and anywhere that they feel most comfortable and safe, whether that be in a hospital, at home, or in a warm bath.

My name is Sophia Ioannidis and I am a Birth Doula and Placenta Encapsulation Specialist residing in Richmond, BC. I am currently enjoying a busy life full of work and play with my amazing partner, and two wonderful children.

 I have always been fascinated with the birthing process and what women can achieve when they are nurtured and encouraged. I was drawn to doula work because I truly believe that every woman would greatly benefit from having constant labour support. I am dedicated to providing mothers and their families with the best birth experience possible. 

I completed  my DONA approved Doula training in April 2013 as well as my Full Circle Encapsulation training in November 2013. I am also a member of the Doula Services Association,  and a part of their volunteer doula referral program.