Birth Doula Package


My full birth package is $900.  Check out my placenta page to find out about discounted rates when bundling together. 


-2 prenatal visits, at which we can discuss any questions or concerns and go over your birth plan or special requests. We can also practice some techniques and comfort measures so that you are familiar with some options. 

​-Phone and email support from time of hire up to 3 weeks postpartum.


​-On call 24 hours a day 2 weeks prior to due date.

-With you for duration of labour, and up to 3 hours after birth.


-1-2 visits to make sure that everyone  is settled, that any community resources that may be needed are provided, and some basic breastfeeding support should you need it. 

​-I also allow for the mother to have time to talk about her birth story and process how she felt about her her labor.  


​I will always have a reliable backup doula in place incase I am not able to attend the birth due to illness, emergency, or any other unforeseen events.

 Additional Services:

-BREAST PUMP RENTAL (dual electric)- $3 a day or $2 a day if you require it for one month or more

-TENS MACHINE-  I supply the use of my T.E.N.S machine and a set of pads with my Doula services

-LACTATION COOKIES- For post-partum mothers who are struggling with milk supply $15 per dozen or $25 for 2 dozen